Learning to Sing

by Maeric

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Blood and ashes! It's been a hectic couple of weeks. First, I had to run down to Tear to check on something for the Car'a'carn. Then, I had to fend off a couple Trolloc attacks at Cairhien, and then there was the unpleasentness about the shadowspawn on the River Gaelin. Add to that the whole chore of coming up with retorts to all the jabs about Rhiale teaching me to sing from the Far Dareis Mai, and you have one full schedule.

It's been really flaming cold around here lately. It was hot and dry for a long time, but then I was used to that, coming from the Waste and all. But now, it's just crazy. The snow is piled up four feet high, with drifts adding another three feet in places.

Lately I've been performing at taverns around to gain a little money. I've taken up the lute, and I've got enough money to buy my way into what the wetlanders consider high society. I satisfy myself with buying small shiny objects from vendors the local markets. That, and I bought one trinket - one trinket! - for Rhiale, and now all the maidens are riding me no end about it. Sure, I'll rattle my spear and my buckler and all, but it's really hacking me off!

Rhiale, in case you're wondering, is a Far Dareis Mai, about five feet tall, with a sharp wit, good reflexes, and beauti...I mean, um, good spear control.

Rats. Type too much, and you say something you never ment to...

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I'd talk about gholam, but I needed to Rant. That's what it's all about.

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