If Gilbert and Sullivan) Wrote Eye of the World

by Maeric 9-6-1999

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Enter three Ta'veren
Ta'veren: Three little men from Emond's Field
With much more cheer than we can yield
Our innocence is quite our shield
Three men from Emond's Field!

Mat: Every thing is a source for fun (laughs)
Perrin: Nobody's safe, for we care for none (laughs)
Rand: Life is a joke that has just begun (laughs)
Ta'veren: Three men from Emond's Field!

Ta'veren: Three little men, though full of quivers,
Cheerfully rode from the Two Rivers
Ready to take what life delivers
Three men from Emond's Field!
Three men from Emond's Field!

Thom:A wandering gleeman I-
A thing of coats with patches
Of ballads, songs, and snatches,
And dreamy lullaby!

My catalouge is long,
Through every passion ranging,
And to your humours changin
I tune my supple song!
I tune my supple song.

Enter Moiraine
Moraine: I'm called Moiraine Aes Sedai, pushy old Aes Sedai,
I know exactly the why.
But still I'm an Aes Sedai, truth-bending Aes Sedai,
Nasty old Aes Sedai I!

I've ta'veren and angreal, and nifty ter'angreal,
And I even launch balefire
I search for the Dragon to fix Shai'tan's wagon
While still keeping him as a squire.

That's why I'm an Aes Sedai, nasty old Aes Sedai,
Just so the Dark One will fry.
Yes, I'm an Aes Sedai, sneaky old Aes Sedai
Thy old sly Aes Sedai I!

Enter Lan
Lan: Oh, is there not one maiden breast
Which does not feel the mortal beauty
Of making worldly interest
Subordinate to sense of duty?

Ta'veren: No, no, not one
Lan: Not one?
Ta'veren: No, no
Enter Nynaeve
Nynaeve: Yes, one!
Lan: It's Nynaeve!
Ta'veren: What?

Nynaeve: Poor, wandering one,
I'm thinking that you have strayed,
But you, I can't whip,
So I'll just show lip,
Poor, wandering one.

Ta'veren: Look out, this danger purrs,
Take any heart but hers!
Nynaeve: Take heart, fair days will shine,
Take any heart, take mine!

Rand: Stop, lovers, pray!
Nynaeve: Rand!

Rand: I had intended
Not to intrude myself upon your notice
But it is my bounden duty to inform you
That our proceedings have not been unwitnessed!

Moiraine: By who? Speak!
Rand: By a Myrddraal!
All: A Myrddrall! Horror!

Trollocs surround them
All: Too late!
Trollocs: Ha! Ha!
All: Too late!
Trollocs: Ho! Ho!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here's a first rate opportunity
To serve the Dark Lord with impunity!
And indulge in--
Moirane kills several with a large fireball
Moirane: Come - let's escape!

End of Act One

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