by Maeric 8-22-1999

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Wow. Okay. I pulled the Net out of a stasis box, and now I'm a webmaster! It's groovy.
But seriously, you've got to love those stasis boxes. You can store ANYTHING in them! Even those (literally) spineless assasins called gholam. You've got to admit, though, that whoever thought up the concept of gholam has got to be pretty twisted. I mean, people that cannot be hit, cannot be hurt even if they are hit, are good with a sword, and can sqeeze under doors is just amazing. I've always wondered what an army of gholam would be like. For that matter, I always used to wonder what an army of half-nuts channeling people wearing all black would be like, too. Now, that's just old hat. Hmm...gholam vs. Asha'man. I wonder what that would be like.

Probably wouldn't be pleasant at all.

Seriously, though. The asha'man would be channeling all over the place, and then the gholam, sorry, the gholam (gotta have the apostrophie) would come snaking in and kill off a handful. Then, all these gateways would start flying around, with people zapping hither thither and yon. It would be anarchy! Now, an army of Mat Cauthons, armed with their medalions, might work. I can see it now - they could call it the BAND OF THE RED YAHTZEE CUP. Their emblem would be five dice on a red field. All the dice would be showing a six. They would march right in, singing Dance with the Jack of the Shadows, and there would be a real beat down. That would really be something to see.

Actually, would the combined luck of thousands of Mats cancel each other out, or would they just reinforce eacch other? That's something to wonder about. Also, what effect would Mat have on the little dice ter'angreal? There are many interesting hypothetical situations in the world. It would take the Creator (or Robert Jordan) to try them all!

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