The Bleakness

by Maeric

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Sorry about the week's hiatus. I had a little case of the bleakness. I'd made it halfway to Fal Dara when I got hit in the head by a pinecone and regained my senses.

I heard once that the bleakness is caused by sudden bouts of depression brought on by seemingly insurmountable odds. I've also heard that it is just Car'a'carn luck. The Car'a'carn does cause some strange twists of chance. We've all heard the stories about roof tiles ripping themselves loose in sudden bursts of wind and clobbering some farmer in the head on the outskirts of town. We've also heard stories of people falling out of third story windows without getting heard. I once even heard a story about someone who fell out of a third story window and landed safely, only to get killed by a falling roof tile! It's just crazy.

The bleakness is very strange. One day you're sitting there, picking the lint out from between your toes, and then suddenly you're off running. You don't know where you're going, because you're barely concious. Judging from where I was when I woke up, I would say that I had convinced myself that I was the Car'a'carn, and was off to fight Sightblinder. Wierdness.

Speaking of Sightblinder, wouldn't gholam make cool superheroes? My friend Rhiale doesn't think so. More on that next week...

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