If an Aes Sedai Got a Sex Change

by Maeric 8-22-1999

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For the longest time, I wondered what would happen if an Aes Sedai or a Wise One got a sex change. Recently, I learned from a well-informed shadowrunner on oosquai that recently one of Sightblinder's male channeling minions became female, yet still channels saidin. I asume that the opposite is true. However, this shadowrunner did die off before he became female. Perhaps changing genders while still living would still the channeler.

I would love to see the expression on a Wise One's face. "Um, Amys? We'd like to make you a male. Y'know, just as an experiment?"

She would kill you! She'd wrap you in flows of air and bash your head ihto a rock!

Still, knowing that somewhere out there, a female is channeling saidin leaves me wondering - could you teach a male to channel saidar? Inasmuch as saidin drives people crazy, it would be very helpful to the Car'a'carn if he could channel the female half of the Power instead. Of course, since he's bonded to Alanna, and she feels everything he does, she might siphon some of the insanity off of him. She does seem to be losing her Aes Sedai cool very rapidly. I saw her the other day crying and tearing her hair out. It's crazy, I tell you. She'scrazy. I mean, why on earth would you want to feel everything that the leader of several Wetland countries (who is destined to go crazy if he doesn't die first) does? I mean, knowing where he is is nothing compared to the pain he must feel so much of the time! Crazy...

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